November 2022 Astrology Calendar Vibes & Advice by Kirsten Langston

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: November 1, 2022

Every month we put out a video with the relevant astrology, please do check out the Monthly Energies video if you haven’t already. This blog post will be a little more in-depth and be an easy post to reference throughout the month. 

Notes: Neptune, Chiron, and Mars are all retrograde. Jupiter goes direct on November 23rd. And welcome to the continuing Eclipse Season. The Taurus Full Moon Eclipse occurs on November 8th.

November 5

Venus (2º Scorpio) Oppose Uranus (16º Taurus)

Vibe:  I need a new lewk. 
Advice: Don't. 

November 7

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Scorpio 16º

Venus (20º Scorpio) Square Saturn (Aquarius 18º)

Vibe:  Detective in a Blue Dress. Love is a brooch that pricks your finger. 
Advice: The information will be solid but don't try to confront a lover. 

November 8

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Taurus 16º

Sun (17º Scorpio) Oppose Uranus (18º Taurus)

Vibe: I tried to pull my head out of my ass but it hurt too much. 
Advice: It's eclipse day. Sit tight and don't be goaded. 

November 9

Mercury (16º Scorpio) Oppose Uranus (18º Taurus)

Vibe: Great idea... now how can we make it real? 
Advice: The ideas are flowing but it might feel impossible to implement. Don't give up. 

November 10

Sun (16º Scorpio) Square Saturn (18º Aquarius)

Mercury (16º Scorpio) Square Saturn 18º Aquarius)

Venus (20º Scorpio) Trine Neptune (22º Pisces)

Vibe: I wanted smores but they were out of marshmallows. 
Advice: Saturn puts a stop to the fun but your dreams are everything. A psychic day. 

November 12

Mercury (16º Scorpio) Trine Neptune (22º Pisces)

Vibe: True dreams that manifest strangely. 
Advice: Yeah, they're premonitions. Act accordingly. 

November 15

Sun (24º Scorpio) Trine Neptune (22º Pisces)

Venus (0º Sagittarius) Trine Jupiter (28º Pisces)

Vibe: Dancing with myself cause I'm so fly. 
Advice: Dance, baby. 

November 16

Venus Ingress into Sagittarius

Mercury (29º Scorpio) Trine Jupiter (28º Pisces)

Mar (Rx) (23º Gemini) Square Neptune (22º Pisces)

Vibe: Maybe a fly in the ointment but who cares? 
Advice: Keep on going. Don't worry if things take a bit longer. Delays are not denials. 

November 19

Mercury Conjunct Venus 1º Sagittarius

Vibe: Inspired. 
Advice: Take advantage. 

November 20

Sun (27º Scorpio) Trine Jupiter (28º Pisces)

Vibe: Cloud 999999999999
Advice: Feeling good? Good. 

November 22

Sun Ingress into Sagittarius

November 23

New Moon in Sagittarius

Jupiter Direct (28º Pisces)

November 26

Mars (Rx) (27º Gemini) Trine Saturn (19º Aquarius)

Vibe: I've found the key to everything. 
Advice: Great, now unlock your life. All work will pay off. Might be slow going. 

November 29

Mercury (4º Sagittarius) Oppose Mars (22º Gemini)

Vibe: Information comes from or pertaining to the past
Advice: Put it in your back pocket and act accordingly. 

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