To Remove Sexual Blocks or Hangups

Written by: Brandon McCloskey Published on: August 15, 2021

Let’s handle this business, shall we? You’ll need a black candle, a white candle, and a red candle. Carve your full name and birthdate into each candle. On the black one, put the word release. On the white one, put the word purify. On the red one, put the word embolden.

First light the black candle, and in black ink on black paper write your block. What it is, how it makes you feel, and possible origins. Safely burn this paper with purifying herbs (sage, rosemary, cedar, lavender). As you do so, see the block lifting away from you. Then light the white candle. Now on a white piece of paper in blue ink, write your full name and birthdate and then write this three times:

All blocks are removed
I am cleansed of all the energies that held me back
I am in a state of grace and innocence
My desires are valid, acceptable, and holy.

Then light your red candle. On white paper with red ink, write your full name and birthdate and then write this three times:

I am bold and in charge of my sexuality
I will take my desired actions
I allow my passions to enflame me
My desires are met easily.

Scatter the cold ashes of the burnt herbs and black paper to the winds. Take the white paper and keep it by the bed or under your pillow. Take the red paper and place it under your mattress. Keep these here for at least seven days.

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