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Trusted Practitioners

Explore my list of trusted practitioners that I have worked with personally and highly recommend.

MoonPluto Astrology

Aliza Einhorn

Astrologer, Psychic, Tarot Reader

Aliza Einhorn is an astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic. She has been reading for me since 2012 and is always right on the money. Her style is empathetic and thorough. She does combination chart and psychic readings as well as just tarot or astrology. She works exceptionally well with those currently experiencing trauma and those who have had past trauma or deep-seated pain. She has a very high accuracy rate in predicting the future and seeing the present moment. 

See Aliza if: 

  • You are looking for an in-depth reading that will search your soul. 
  • You are looking to transform or change your life or understand your past, present, or relationships. 
  • You need good, sound advice. 
  • You are looking for comfort. 

The way to get the best reading from Aliza: Come prepared with questions. Ask what you really want to know; don’t be afraid. Allow her to talk without interrupting too much. She gives the most information to you when you let her go with the flow. 

Other talents: Writer. Medium. Healer. Witch. 

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Linda Grindel

Psychic, Medium

Linda Grindel is a psychic and medium. She has been reading for me since 2011. Linda’s style is kind, humorous, and fun. She will make you feel taken care of. Even when she gives you hard news, you will feel safe and stay in a good headspace. Linda is highly accurate in her predictions and can read people exceptionally well. She is the most gifted medium I have ever come across. I always walk away from a reading with Linda with a light and happy heart. 

See Linda if: 

  • You want a reading on the past, present, or future. 
  • You want to contact a passed over loved one. 

The way to get the best experience with Linda: Have some questions or subjects ready, and allow her to talk without interrupting too much. She gets the best information when she is in flow. 

Other talents: Comedian. Entertainer. Nurse. 

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Awakened Light Reiki

Dave Hadley

Reiki Master

Dave Hadley is a Reiki master. I began working with Dave in 2019 and have seen dramatic improvements in my psychic ability and stamina, the healing of specific medical problems, lower stress and anxiety levels, and significant reduction of PTSD symptoms. Dave’s style is calm, nurturing, and relaxed. Dave is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and does both remote and in-person treatments. Both are equally effective, but if you have an opportunity to do treatments in-person, I highly recommend it.

See Dave if: 

  • You have a need for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. 
  • You want to supplement Western medical treatment with energy healing. 
  • You are looking for breakthroughs in your life. 
  • You are a working psychic. 
  • You want to learn Reiki and live near San Francisco. 

The way to get the best experience with Dave: Be open and honest about your situation and surrender to the experience. Stay hydrated, and rest after your treatments. 

Other talents: Reiki teacher 

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Nightlight Astrology

Acyuta-bhava Das


Acyuta-bhava is an astrologer who specializes in ancient astrology. Readings with him are thorough, detailed, and incredibly helpful. His style is relaxed and friendly; he really puts you at ease. He provides a wealth of information in an honest and compassionate way. I had the best time during my reading with him. It was like talking to someone I had known for years. The information given to me has helped me immeasurably, particularly when it comes to timing. 

See Acyuta-bhava if: 

  • You want clarity on who you are, your life path, and your motivations. 
  • You want to know when it’s the right time to get married, launch a business, etc. 
  • You are looking for spiritual insight with mathematical precision. 
  • You want to know what the upcoming astrology may bring to you. 

The way to get the best experience with Acyuta-bhava: Have all your questions and subjects ready before you meet. Maximize your time by knowing exactly what you want to talk about. 

Other talents: Yoga instructor. Writer. Astrology teacher. 

To learn more about Acyuta-bhava, visit

Higher Love Tarot

Natalie Pachel

Psychic Tarot Reader

Natalie is a psychic and tarot reader who specializes in love relationships, karmic relationships, and twin flames. She is an incredibly gifted tarot card reader; I’ve never seen anyone better. Natalie is precise in her information, empathetic, enthusiastic, and compassionate. She brings wisdom and clarity in her readings. She gets to the depths of her client — and who or what she’s reading on — incredibly quickly, and her information is always accurate. The info she pulls out of the cards and their positioning is amazing. My readings with her have been very helpful and continue to resonate with me and apply to my life years later. 

See Natalie if: 

  • You need help with a karmic love or twin flame relationship. 
  • You need help on your path in life. 
  • You need help attaining personal or relationship goals. 
  • Or in my case when I first booked with her, you just want to know what the f*ck is going on. 

The way to get the best experience with Natalie: Have one subject or question in mind, and just let her talk. 

Other talents: Intuitive Life Coach

To learn more about Natalie, visit

Will Scott


Will is a healer and a life coach. I have been working with him since 2016. His style is direct and to the point, humorous and kind. Will has cleared many homes for me and my family and has done healing work on us as well. He was initially brought in to clear a house that was not selling. It had been on the market for half a year and had a string of bad luck. After Will cleared the house, it sold within a week. I believe he is especially talented at clearing spaces. I really like that after the space clearing, Will sends a report, telling you what he found. I have had numerous healing sessions with Will, and during one he completely cured my TMJ. He works in person or remotely and is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Remote clearings with Will have the same effect as an in-person appointment. 

See Will if: 

  • You are in search of healing in mind, body, and spirit. 
  • You feel like you’ve been cursed. 
  • You need a house, office, or property cleared. 
  • You are in need of guidance in your life. 

The way to get the best experience with Will: Have an open mind and heart, and realize you won’t heal unless you allow yourself to. Be honest with Will and with yourself. 

Other talents: Master’s degrees in transpersonal psychology and clinical psychology. 

To learn more about Will, visit

Mona Loring

Shamanic Healer

Mona is a shamanic healer who I have been working with since 2020. Mona is gifted at cleansing energies from the energetic field, mind, and body. Mona will identify and heal various areas of the body and mind. In the second half of your session, she will go over what she has found and cleared and bring forth any messages from guides, loved ones (both those passed over and still present), and Spirit. Mona’s style is warm, friendly, and engaging. I have had several personal breakthroughs following sessions with Mona. 

See Mona if: 

  • You need physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. 
  • You need a deep energy clearing and cleansing. 
  • You have problems that are persistent and difficult to solve. 
  • You are seeking a spiritual breakthrough. 

The way to get the best experience with Mona: Surrender to the process, and don’t judge what comes up. 

Other talents: Psychic. Medium. Publicist. Podcaster. 

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