How to Create Bottle Spells by Rika

Written by: Kirsten Langston Published on: July 28, 2021

“Bottle spells are concentrated spells made up of components and ingredients put into a bottle, jar, or container. They’re visible and tangible, making it easy to place somewhere in your home or carry it with you.”

As someone who is easily enamored by witchy cottage aesthetics, I have found that bottle spells help bring that vibe to my everyday life. Plus, I collect jars, so what better way to put them to use than with bottle spells?

Bottle spells are concentrated spells made up of components and ingredients put into a bottle, jar, or container. They’re visible and tangible, making it easy to place somewhere in your home or carry it with you. For example, a home protection bottle spell can be put around the house or in one central location to keep the spell activated anytime you or others are around it. A bottle spell can also help heighten your psychic abilities and divination work.

You don’t always have to create spells with them either; sometimes bottle spells can just be attributes or representations of what you want to convey. I’ve created little bottle spells that represented the sun and the moon. I would gather up items, such as lavender, salt, full moon water, a clear quartz point, amethyst chips, and lavender and rosemary essential oils for the moon bottle. I used a cinnamon stick, salt, sun water, a clear quartz point, citrine chips, and orange and rosemary essential oils for the sun bottle.

I’ve also made bottle spells with an astrological sign in mind and used things that represent that sign. (I’ve gifted a few of my friends with these on their birthdays!). For example, an Aquarius bottle would have elements that represent air and its ruling planets Saturn and Uranus in the bottle. So I would include crystals like obsidian and aquamarine and herbs like mint, oregano, lavender, and sage.

Just like any other spell, bottle spells can either work or not. I have made some that have worked as intended, and then there are others that didn’t work. And honestly, that’s okay. Because with all spells, it’s all about trial and error. You may have to change the bottle spell work to in your favor; this may include adding new ingredients or removing existing ingredients.

Bottle spells are also convenient and easy to make. With bottle spells, you can use whatever you have lying around the house. You can substitute missing ingredients for something else, and it’ll probably work just as well. It’s honestly all about your intention and energy when creating them.

For example, if you’re very crafty, you can compile things like green and gold glitter and water to help with money, luck, and finances in your life. You might even throw in some mint essential oils. You can treat making bottle spells like an art project. You can simply use cinnamon and orange peel for luck and happiness. Use things that work for you when you create bottle spells. It’s all about your practice and intent.

Instructions for Making a Memory Bottle Spell

Here’s a really simple memory bottle spell that you can make. I created this years ago to help me study for a Latin exam, and it helped me earn some pretty good marks too! Assemble these ingredients in your bottle or jar. Use your intuition to decide the amount of each ingredient you need.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

• Bottle or jar of any size
• Rosemary (dried or fresh)
• Bay Leaf (dried or fresh)
• Salt

Rosemary helps with your memory and focus, so it’s a great herb to use if you’re cramming for an important test or exam. Bay leaf helps amplify the rosemary, but it also has its own properties of good fortune. So both these herbs work well with each other. The salt helps preserve the herbs, and it is also an added protection for the spell as a whole.

Bottle spells are a useful practice that anyone can try. You can use whatever materials you have to create bottle spells, and they will amplify your intent when you create them.

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